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Hope for the One Seeking Joy

When I met the founder of SSD in pursuit of volunteering, I was in a really dark place. Depression and anxiety are a chronic battle for me, but that was a particularly low season. I felt lost and purposeless. I felt alone without a sense of belonging. I was cynical and angry.

Joy was simply not part of the equation.

Diving into the community of love and hope that is She’s Somebody’s Daughter was a critical piece to finding joy in life once again. Intersecting with my faith journey, this community practiced concepts that I had struggled to push past theory and into action. 
This community was a tribe. They walked with each other through highs and lows. They entered into each other’s pain without judgement or agenda...just love. They held no sense of us and them. They celebrated each other in big wins and small. They spoke truth even when it was hard to hear.

I fell in love with the community of She’s Somebody’s Daughter. I believe God used it to bring me to life and I am forever grateful f…