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Serving Under the Umbrella of Prayer

Maybe you have heard us say it before. But I will say it again. Loudly. We love our volunteers! 
It would be impossible to fulfill the mission and vision of She’s Somebody’s Daughter without the faithful commitment of so many. There are behind the scenes volunteers. Those that regularly and faithfully approach the throne of God, interceding on behalf of SSD and the wonderful friends we support. The ones that lovingly prepare delicious meals and snacks that are shared with conversation and laughter on outreach visits. Those that craft beautiful, creative gifts that we can give to show love and value.

And then there are those who are a little more in view. The women that serve on our awareness team, doing presentations and representing SSD at awareness events. The ladies that give up two evenings a month to go and spend time building relationships during outreach. They see it as a privilege because we really do meet some of the most amazing women. 

There are many other ways in which they serve as well. But regardless of what role our volunteers play, they need prayer support. What they have been called to is not easy. There are days that are disappointing. There are heartbreaks. And there are days where the spiritual attack is very real. But they persist. They persevere through the trials because they love doing what they do. 

This month will you praise God for the many volunteers that help build communities of love and hope that honor women? Praise God for their obedience and their faith. Pray for protection for each, as well as for their families. Pray that they will celebrate the victories – large or small. 

If you are interested in learning more about how you can become involved, click here!

-Tanya Pearrell, Director of Development


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Why are you talking about porn??

One of our three main initiatives at She’s Somebody’s Daughter is Awareness. In seeking to build communities of love and hope that honor women, we take every opportunity to provide education on indicators of human trafficking, how to engage in prevention with your children, how youth can protect themselves and others, and most commonly on the link between the commercial sex industry and human trafficking.
I came to learn about human trafficking; why are you talking about porn?
Raised during a recent awareness event, this question highlights how separate we tend to view the sex industry from sex trafficking. It is easy to see the victimization of trafficking, but so many still view the sex industry as a choice for those involved.
The reality is… pornography, prostitution, etc. are the places where 70% of trafficking victims are exploited. 96% of women in the sex industry want to leave, but see no way out. those in prostitution experience rape, abuse, and PTSD at alarmingly high rates.

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She’s Somebody’s Daughter: building communities of love and hope that honor women. As we seek to raise awareness about sexual exploitation and to offer support for women affected by that, there are many directions we could go.

So every year we pick a theme for She’s Somebody’s Daughter. Something to keep each initiative focused on the same thing, a way to set a goal in front of us, and something to unify our team in one direction. The past several years’ themes have been Planting Seeds, Setting the Table, and Thrive: a beautiful progression of growth that has correlated well with SSD's journey.

As we are beginning to see fruit come from years of investment and TLC, we have set 2019's theme as Hope for the Next One. This theme has a double meaning for me. First, may we choose to keep hoping for the next one, the next life changed, the next woman ready to turn towards her Savior’s loving arms and accept the abundant life He came to give.

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New Life.
Take a second to reflect with me. Are there things you desire to change about your life? Maybe you want a different job or a new car or a house. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in a routine that’s more draining than it is life-giving. Maybe you have a relationship in mind that feels distant or broken, and you’re wishing it were repaired. Maybe you’d like to be healthier in the way you sleep and eat and exercise.
Our mission statement at She’s Somebody’s Daughter is to erase lines of separation that isolate women affected by exploitation and sexual abuse. We aren’t rescuers...we’re line erasers, gap bridgers, and community builders.
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