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It's too textbook...but it's her story

It’s a heavy day at She's Somebody's Daughter as we grieve the loss of a sweet friend we met through our outreach initiative. In processing, I couldn’t help but think how “textbook” this story is. Childhood trauma, early exposure to sexual exploitation, addiction to drugs in escape of the pain...all reinforcements that the sex industry is all there was for her. And the seeming end that is all too common: an overdose after a period of being clean.
But it’s not a textbook.
It’s the life of a woman who held a special place in our hearts. It’s a woman who had such a kind and caring heart, who greeted us warmly no matter the atmosphere. A woman who had such creative and unique interests, widening our horizons.
We dreamt with her, maybe more accurately for her, of ways she could use her gifts and experiences and unique interests to come alongside others. To better this world in a way only she could. We saw the truth of who she was even if she couldn’t see it herself.
Though her life on …

Serving Under the Umbrella of Prayer

Maybe you have heard us say it before. But I will say it again. Loudly. We love our volunteers! 
It would be impossible to fulfill the mission and vision of She’s Somebody’s Daughter without the faithful commitment of so many. There are behind the scenes volunteers. Those that regularly and faithfully approach the throne of God, interceding on behalf of SSD and the wonderful friends we support. The ones that lovingly prepare delicious meals and snacks that are shared with conversation and laughter on outreach visits. Those that craft beautiful, creative gifts that we can give to show love and value.
And then there are those who are a little more in view. The women that serve on our awareness team, doing presentations and representing SSD at awareness events. The ladies that give up two evenings a month to go and spend time building relationships during outreach. They see it as a privilege because we really do meet some of the most amazing women. 
There are many other ways in which they s…