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Hope for the One on a Journey of Healing

One of our three main initiatives at She’s Somebody’s Daughter is our Community initiative. In Community we provide an ongoing, relational support system for women affected by sexual exploitation.
A common misconception is that the biggest barrier keeping a woman in an exploitative situation is needing to find another job. The truth is, while new employment is a factor, there are so many layers involved in leaving the life.
Leaving exploitation is truly a journey of healing.
Within the SSD Community initiative, we have the opportunity to provide a bridge to a wide variety of resources as a woman takes steps out of the commercial sex industry. Resources like medical care, housing help, obtaining a driver’s license or GED, counseling, dental care, addiction recovery, and much more.

Studies show that 85-99% of women in the commercial sex industry suffered childhood sexual abuse, and 68-75% have been raped while in the industry. 60% suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the same level…