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The Greatest Agent for Change

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” 
Quote by Eckhart Tolle

Raising awareness about sexual exploitation, and its connections to pornography and sexual abuse, has been the launching pad for SSD since 2012. It is still important to us today. We plan to post eight additional billboards in three states in 2018.

Since our outreach began in Central PA and now branches into northern MD and WV,  our plan includes having several months of coverage in these three states, covering numerous counties, including the Route 81 corridor.

Our message is making a difference as we build communities of love and hope!

 Quote from young man through Facebook: 
"Every time I feel weak and am about to start watching porn or look at something obscene, literally the words "She's Somebody's Daughter” pull me back.
I see your billboards…I'm so thankful for what you are doing for men too. For holding us to a higher standard. Calling us to be better. Thank you.”

Industry worker’s response to our billboards: “They are saying that we should be respected.”

Raising awareness that trafficking is indeed “happening here,” our message - asking people to honor all women - remains the same: She’s Somebody’s Daughter. We will also post the National Human Trafficking Hotline number.

Stay tuned for a peek at our new billboard design!

Would you consider a one-time gift to help us reach our goal and keep this important message in front of tens of thousands of drivers in three states?  

Kegerreis Outdoor has offered to partner with us by offering a 1 for 1 deal. This means for every billboard we post they will post the same message for an additional month, pro bono.

Our goal is to raise $6000 and Kegerreis will then match products equal to the amount we raise, helping us to cover more territory and get the message into more communities!