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Serving Under the Umbrella of Prayer

Maybe you have heard us say it before. But I will say it again. Loudly. We love our volunteers! 
It would be impossible to fulfill the mission and vision of She’s Somebody’s Daughter without the faithful commitment of so many. There are behind the scenes volunteers. Those that regularly and faithfully approach the throne of God, interceding on behalf of SSD and the wonderful friends we support. The ones that lovingly prepare delicious meals and snacks that are shared with conversation and laughter on outreach visits. Those that craft beautiful, creative gifts that we can give to show love and value.
And then there are those who are a little more in view. The women that serve on our awareness team, doing presentations and representing SSD at awareness events. The ladies that give up two evenings a month to go and spend time building relationships during outreach. They see it as a privilege because we really do meet some of the most amazing women. 
There are many other ways in which they s…
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Words Matter

Our words matter.  They carry weight, and they have a lasting impact.

The recent arrest of Jeffrey Epstein has sparked several alarming terms for those that were exploited. “Underage woman”. “Child prostitute”.  Let’s make it clear – there are no “underage women”, there are children. And there is no such thing as a “child prostitute”. They are a victim and survivor of sexual exploitation.

It might seem trivial to debate words but words can shape public perspective. And perspective determines action.  At She’s Somebody’s Daughter we want to use terms that empower and restore, not strip women of their dignity or cause trauma. Using the term “prostituted woman”, rather than “prostitute” can have a profound effect. It focuses on the circumstances a woman endured, rather than giving her an identity that isn’t deserved.

The same could be said for “sex work” and “adult entertainment”.  Society wants us to believe that these things are legitimate and safe. Statistics show that 95% of those pr…

Unseen Battle

“Are you ever afraid?” “Isn’t what you do dangerous?” These are common questions we get asked during presentations. And the answer is complex.
It is not often that we face actual physical danger, but it is a possibility. More accurately what we face is unseen. The issues of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation are dark and there is a very real enemy that we face. It’s heavy. It’s sometimes oppressive. And no amount of physical presence can overcome that.
Scripture is very clear that our battle is not against flesh and blood but rather again the unseen. And there is only one way to fight that battle – on our knees in prayer. We are reminded daily or, if we are being honest, minute-by-minute that we do not do this ourselves. We cannot do this without a foundation and covering of prayer. 
Because of this, we as an organization are committed to praying. We have a committed team of volunteers that intercede on our behalf regularly. We have developed a prayer guide that can be used b…

Hope for the One Seeking Freedom

If you’ve been following our blog this year, you’ve seen our mission: to erase lines of separation that isolate women affected by sexual erase lines between “us and them”. We’ve discussed that it’s not just “those women” that at times desire new life, find themselves on a journey of healing, or struggle to see their value. All of us face these life issues at one point or another.
At our Celebration Banquet in May, we announced the expansion of this vision to more intentionally include men. We heard from Gene McConnell, of Authentic Relationships International, as he shared his own story of being groomed into purchasing sex and the importance of addressing demand should we hope to see an end to human trafficking.
We are so excited to pursue tangible ways to walk alongside men seeking freedom from unwanted sexual behavior and addiction. As we research the demand side of exploitation, we are discovering the depth of complexity surrounding what leads individuals into it an…

Hope for the One Seeking Value

Where does an individual’s value come from?
Is it determined by their level of education, salary, or social status? Is it set by their looks, athletic ability, or sense of creativity? Does their family of origin or hometown have a bearing on their value?
At She’s Somebody’s Daughter, we seek to build communities of love and hope that honor women. Our desire is to see each woman valued as an individual with inherent worth, and to bring an end to the objectification and commodification of women through commercial sexual exploitation.
I want to take this opportunity to share that our name She’s Somebody’s Daughter is not meant to imply that a woman’s worth is attached to her position of daughter. We believe women are valued simply because they exist...they are somebody. But we have seen that phrase be an effective perspective shifter for men on the demand side of sexual exploitation. Hearing that phrase often helps someone begin to see the woman as a human. It’s not the end, but it’s a good…

Hope for the One on a Journey of Healing

One of our three main initiatives at She’s Somebody’s Daughter is our Community initiative. In Community we provide an ongoing, relational support system for women affected by sexual exploitation.
A common misconception is that the biggest barrier keeping a woman in an exploitative situation is needing to find another job. The truth is, while new employment is a factor, there are so many layers involved in leaving the life.
Leaving exploitation is truly a journey of healing.
Within the SSD Community initiative, we have the opportunity to provide a bridge to a wide variety of resources as a woman takes steps out of the commercial sex industry. Resources like medical care, housing help, obtaining a driver’s license or GED, counseling, dental care, addiction recovery, and much more.

Studies show that 85-99% of women in the commercial sex industry suffered childhood sexual abuse, and 68-75% have been raped while in the industry. 60% suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the same level…

Hope for the One Desiring New Life

New Life.
Take a second to reflect with me. Are there things you desire to change about your life? Maybe you want a different job or a new car or a house. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in a routine that’s more draining than it is life-giving. Maybe you have a relationship in mind that feels distant or broken, and you’re wishing it were repaired. Maybe you’d like to be healthier in the way you sleep and eat and exercise.
Our mission statement at She’s Somebody’s Daughter is to erase lines of separation that isolate women affected by exploitation and sexual abuse. We aren’t rescuers...we’re line erasers, gap bridgers, and community builders.
I remember my first night of outreach with SSD and meeting a woman who has become a good friend to me. She expressed feeling stuck in her situation, wishing she could make changes, but not feeling like she had the options to do so.
I was struck with how much I related to her feelings. I too was feeling stuck in life circumstances that I hadn’t planned on …