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Pandemics and Trafficking: Any Correlation?

"So will there be an increase in trafficking because of the pandemic?" This question came from my teenage daughter last week. It's not a "yes" or "no" question. 
Those that traffick and exploit are skilled at finding (or creating, if there are none) vulnerabilities in others that make them more susceptible to exploitation. This pandemic creates many opportunities. 
The first would seem obvious. As many are out of work they have no income and need to provide for themselves and their families. Traffickers will provide what seem to be easy ways to make money. 
Second, not working or working from home (include school here) has adults, teens and children spending even more time online. This allows traffickers the ability to spend time grooming for exploitive purposes. It doesn't help that Snapchat and Teen Vogue did a snap story encouraging teens to practice healthy sexual behaviors by offering tips and practices for sexting. 
And finally, there is the ele…
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I receive google alerts for a variety of topics associated with my job. One, obviously, is “sex trafficking”. One of those alerts led me to an article that had this quote at the top:“According to experts, it’s important to understand the difference between prostitution, which is voluntary, and sex trafficking, which can trap victims with involuntary sex work.”While I can see where they are coming from with this statement it is not entirely true.  While prostitution will often seem “voluntary” or “chosen” it’s often a decision made because of a lack of choices. There are many factors that lead to the lack of choices. One common factor is a lack of support system. In a clear trafficking situation (where force, fraud or coercion can be proven) the victim often does not identify as a victim. Why? Because the trafficker or pimp is a boyfriend or spouse, someone that has displayed love. There have been good times. It can be years before the woman will actually consider herself a victim of t…

Breaking Strongholds

Prayer is foundational to the work that is being done through She’s Somebody’s Daughter. While there are many things that can be accomplished by our efforts (for a brief time, at least) there is one thing that we can never do ourselves – break strongholds. The biggest stronghold that we fight against is the cultural message of pornography and sexuality. You only have to watch television or listen to the radio for a brief time to see and hear that we live in a pornographic culture. While it has a visual and audible aspect its roots are firmly entrenched in the unseen. It is bondage.
As we seek to shift culture and the perspective on pornography the only form of warfare that will break the stronghold is prayer. Would you please pray with us that as we raise awareness, blinders would be removed? That scales covering eyes from the truth would fall away. Pray that God would change hearts and minds. That he would open eyes to the reality of what is happening in our culture.
Pray that the s…

What Can You Do?

William Wilberforce, the famous British abolitionist, said this about slavery “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

This month is Human Trafficking Awareness month. And today, specifically, is set aside as a day to bring about awareness. Human Trafficking is often described as modern-day slavery. Something we thought was eliminated 200 years ago. The reality is that there are more individuals enslaved today than in the history of the world.

The difference between now and the time of Wilberforce is the type of bondage. In his time you saw actual physical chains that held people captive. Today the chains are invisible. They are mental and emotional, much harder to break than physical chains.

As Wilberforce says – “you can never say again that you did not know”. While I am passionate about the calling God has placed on my life I recognize that not everyone is called to this full time. But what can you do right where you are?

1) Educate …

2020: Stronger Together

A new year, a new decade...welcome to 2020!
As my 10 y/o niece said to me, “new year, new things”. Along with her, I choose to embrace this natural rhythm of change and am excited for the refreshment of beginning again.
As with every year, we at She’s Somebody’s Daughter have chosen a theme for 2020: Stronger Together. 
This phrase holds so much meaning for us and I am thrilled to see us dive into it. If you follow us, you know that our mission is to erase lines of separation which isolate those affected by sexual exploitation. We do this by building a sense of unity and through relationships. 
These relationships are not built on ‘us and them’; this community is one where each individual is valued as an Image-Bearer of God, as someone who has a unique perspective to offer, and as a person with much to teach and much to learn.
A key principle of the way this mission plays out is survivor leadership. Our staff and volunteers have experienced a wealth of joy as we get to know, learn from, an…

Finding Hope in Celebration

We started our year introducing the 2019 theme of Hope for the Next One and shared how we have seen one person’s positive steps become a source of hope for the next one behind her. As the year comes to a close, we desire to celebrate the big and small, holding each step up as a beacon of hope.

This year we have celebrated drivers’ licenses gained, babies born, a high school graduation, a wedding, new jobs, cars obtained, healthy steps of dental and medical care, identities discovered, truth learned, freedom found, dreams and hopes expressed, a baptism, days and months and years of being clean, reunions with children, new attendance in Bible study, forgiveness offered to offenders, counseling begun, safe housing found, and much much more.
What a gift to look back and see what our brave, strong friends have accomplished and discovered about themselves this year. What a gift it is to be a part of building a community of love and hope that fosters positive steps like those listed. What a gi…

Hope for the One Seeking Joy

When I met the founder of SSD in pursuit of volunteering, I was in a really dark place. Depression and anxiety are a chronic battle for me, but that was a particularly low season. I felt lost and purposeless. I felt alone without a sense of belonging. I was cynical and angry.

Joy was simply not part of the equation.

Diving into the community of love and hope that is She’s Somebody’s Daughter was a critical piece to finding joy in life once again. Intersecting with my faith journey, this community practiced concepts that I had struggled to push past theory and into action. 
This community was a tribe. They walked with each other through highs and lows. They entered into each other’s pain without judgement or agenda...just love. They held no sense of us and them. They celebrated each other in big wins and small. They spoke truth even when it was hard to hear.

I fell in love with the community of She’s Somebody’s Daughter. I believe God used it to bring me to life and I am forever grateful f…